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SalesPipePro Inc. is an international full-cycle software development company, bringing wise digital innovations to clients. Our headquarters is located in Florida and the technical center in Europe.

We create IT solutions for your business with 10+ years of software development experience.

Technical Stack

Technical Stack

Services We Offer


Software implementation strategy

We help companies draw up their short- and long-term software implementation roadmaps.

Right Technology Stacks

Our team assists customers in selecting the right technology stacks for their solutions: be it a programming language or a ready-to-use platform.

Business solution consulting

When companies have doubts about choosing the right software, we help decide on the system to implement (CRM, ERP, CMS, etc.) as well as the development and customization scope.

Business Analysis

Business analysis

Services minimize the risk the solution won’t meet the client’s requirements. Business analysts are a strong communication bridge between stakeholders and the development team. They are involved in the project throughout the whole software development life cycle.

Benefits you get with business analysis services

  • Clear project requirements
  • Complete description of tasks
  • Structured project documentation
  • Verification and validation of the developed solution

Software Development Outsourcing

SalesPipePro team empowers the clients with web software development services across many industries. Our experience allows us to develop anything your business may demand: from a simple business website to a full-fledged web application. Your idea – our implementation.


We deliver full-cycle software development services to meet accelerating business needs. Our team covers the whole process of the software development life cycle: from project planning to successful deployment and maintenance.

Implementation Training

Implementation and training services include:

  • Installation and configuration of infrastructure and implemented software;
  • Integration and adaptation to work with existing systems and platforms;
  • Uploading of the primary data into the installed software;
  • Examination of the entire system’s performance;
  • Demonstration and training of your specialists to work and maintain new software;
  • Monitoring of business users’ software usage;

Official Odoo Partner

Odoo is a suite of open source business apps that cover all your company needs: CRM, eCommerce, accounting, inventory, point of sale, project management, etc

Over 5 Million Users Worldwide

Business Сases


Medical Service



The client faced the issue of the calendar management of the PCR appointments. Also, he should do many other operations in working with it type of service.

The function requirements:

to manage many locations, to manage appointments calendar, to input working time of the staff, to generate pdf and QR-code with results, to have the opportunity add other services in future (IV Drip, Blood tests, concierge service), replace others supplies systems (HR-management, inventory, accounting).

Development and implementation of the new CRM


  • Uncontrol schedule
  • More than 5 isolated different systems to operation management (Dr. Crono, Curogramm, Google schedule, PDF.co etc.)
  • Many manual work. As result are many mistakes and different data in systems
  • Uncontrol inventories


  • Replaced all systems. As result cut expenses for subscriptions more than 3 times
  • Interaction custom website with CRM
  • Control schedule of all the locations
  • Auto-generation PDF and sending to the customers
  • Cut the volume of the manual work by the 70%
  • Mobile app for the nurses with the opportunity to get payment for the additional services (upsale for customers onsite)


Repairing Service



The client wanted to get more numbers of leads through Google ads, but his current CRM couldn’t allow it. Also, the company needed to make a new management process because the current was inefficient and the owner had big expenses.

The function requirements:

to register leads from ads, to save current pipelines of the leads, integration with Callrail, mobile version for technical staff, full control expenses.

Development and implementation of the new CRM


  • Manual input leads were sent by SMS
  • Accounting expenses in the EXEL
  • Uncontrol inventories


  • Interaction custom website with CRM
  • Integration with CallRail
  • Integration with Twillio
  • Call Centre based on
  • DialPad
  • Automation accounting the expenses
  • Automation calculation the margin value and technician salary
  • Opportunity to use automation marketing

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